Crawley Junior Badminton Tournament results 2014

Here are the winners and runners up from the Crawley Junior tournament at K2 on 29th March 2014.

Y5/6 Boys Singles

Winner: Scott Hayson

Runner up: Will Brownless

Y5/6 Boys Doubles

Winners: Thomas Klyne & Stephen Boxall

Runners up: Scott Hayson & Nathan Popoola

Y5/6 Girls Singles

Winner: Sophie Jones

Runner up: Abigail Thring

Y5/6 Girls Doubles

Winners: Sophie Jones & Scarlett Cassidy

Runners up: Isabelle Craig & Abigail Thring/Nicole Wood & Megan Baldwin

 Y7/8 Boys Singles

Winner: Thomas Barham

Runner up: Akash Gupta

Y7/8 Boys Doubles

Winners: Benjamin Smith & David Jolliffe

Runners up: Thomas Barham & Ben Saunders

Y7/8 Girls Singles

Winner: Robyn Hayson

Runner up: Sophie Kitson

Y7/8 Doubles

Winners: Lizzie Eves & Emma Roberts

Runners up: Sophie Kitson & Robyn Hayson

Y9/10 Boys Singles

Winner: Jake Davidson

Runner up: Kevin Jude

Y9/10 Boys Doubles

Winners: Archie Keys & Oscar Keys

Runners up: Nick West & Josh Kennedy

Y9/10 Girls Singles

Winner: Lauren Kite

Runner up: Sophie Palacci

Y9/10 Girls Doubles

Winners: Chloe Hoskins & Amy Constable

Runners up: Katie Grubb & Sophie Palacci

Y11/12 Boys Singles

Winner: Matthew Day

Runner up: Cameron Linnett

Y11/12 Boys Doubles

Winners: Liam Newton-May & Cameron Linnett

Runners up: Abu Ali & Jacob Jepson